Moir Learning Services


Moir Learning is a program set up to help our candidates to achieve the satisfying job they are looking for in order to help them have a more fulfilling life.

We offer our candidates FREE bi-monthly training seminars on topics such as effective networking, resume preparation, social media and how to tap into the hidden job market. The seminars are facilitated by our learning team and also incorporate external guest speakers.

Moir Learning also offers our candidates one on one training and coaching in the following areas:

Moir Learning has partnered with Sydney University and the Centre for Continuing Education, to offer the following training courses. You can enrol for the courses by using the link for each course, then click on “enrol now” The courses will be facilitated by our Head of Learning, Angela Farmeary and will give you advice and tips on preparing your resume, cover letters, interview preparation as well as how to network to discover possible job opportunities.

How to Get the Job You Want - click here for more information.

Unlocking the Hidden Job Market - click here for more information.

 working in partnership with Sydney University